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    Colectiile Gov Denim
    Colectiile Gov Denim
    GOV DENIM is an innovative brand that does not follow established trends and is always focused on the selection of quality materials, advance treatments and production techniques. The brand philosophy's is all about real Style Clash, a concept perfectly defining the experimental and original attitude of the garments: GOV is a brand where denim and fashion live without limits and boundaries, clashing, meeting and giving life to a unique and innovative style. Its unique identity is created through the mixing and matching of distinctive styles, fabrics, cuts, and designs. Vintage touches rework and reinvent every piece. Denim is a fabric that allows experimentations and is a key to all of the GOV DENIM collections. Research, new treatments, premium fabrics and experimental washes give the garments the well-worn features and 'tough' personality that have always characterized the 'world of' GOV.

    The GOV Denim brand is a style of all times. Futuristic and cautious. Far-reaching and experimental. Alternative and traditional. GOV Denim is about making eccentric combinations and maintaining authenticity. Never one to follow the crowd. Just the Product.
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